Who said artists' books are expensive ?

I am sometimes told that collecting artists’ books is a luxury hobby. It is true that some “trophy” books have seen their value rise considerably. However, it is still possible to find and buy great artists’ books at a (very) reasonable price. For instance, Walther Konig is selling its remaining stock of Paul McCarthy’s Yaa-hoo at 19.95 Eur, quite a nice price for what could be seen as one of McCarthy’s best books. More broadly, discount bookstores are not to be neglected. At Mona Lisait, in Paris, I have bought some years ago Paul Graham’s In Umbra Res for the price of a tee-shirt, and Doug Aitken’s Alpha for 1 or 2 Eur (approx the price of a French "baguette").

Turning to NY, one can buy Peter Downsbrough’s Two Pipes Fourteen Locations – an excellent 1974 artist’s book – for 13$ at Printed Matter. Not so long ago, Allan Kaprow’s Satisfaction or Echo-Logy were priced less than 20$. Their current 40$ price tag is still ok when considering the historical importance of Allan Kaprow’s work.

And a last example: my very last purchase was Erik Van der Weijde’s Havaianas for 10 Eur. And regardless of price, it’s one on 2013’s favorites.

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