A Focus on Richard Kostelanetz's Assembling

« Assembling » started with a very simple yet powerful : between 1970 and 1982, Assembling Press published an art and literature material that would have been « otherwise unpublishable », without editing its own content. As stated on Richard Kostelanetz website, « instead of selecting from submissions presented to it, Richard Kostelanetz (and, at various times, Henry James Korn, Mike Metz, Scott Helmes, and David Cole) invited potential contributors to submit a thousand copies of whatever they wanted to include, and these feasty festivals of visual and verbal waywardness were alphabetically assembled into 8 1/2″by 11″books. » The result is a ensemble that manages to catch the spirit of the 70’s through these numerous pages that, by definition, exhibit heteroclite characteristics, ranging from concrete poetry to conceptual art - with a free spirit that has probably been encouraged by the "unedited" approach.

Collector note: among this vast set of contributions, the first Assembling is well known for Ed Ruscha’s Chocolate stain, the most affordable way to get a unique piece by the artist.


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