A Focus on Juergen Teller's Self Service limited edition

I’m not a huge fan of limited editions. Simply adding a signed print to a book, even with a slipcase, does not add much to an artist’s book quality. Often, it is simply a non-creative way to feed an exclusive collectible market. There are a few exceptions to that rule however.
Juergen Teller’s Self Service #31 limited edition is one of them. In 2009, this biannual fashion magazine celebrated Teller’s work with this hardcover special release of the magazine, signed and numbered by the artist, where all pages that were initially not referring to Teller’s images have been left blank. Self-centered, and witty. The result is a book with a true “artist book” feeling, mostly white pages, with different paper qualities. And of course, the book comes with a signed C-Print, actually a nice one (I sometimes think that photographers choose minor images for limited editions…), very typical of Juergen Teller “white flash” light.

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