A Focus on Ferdinand Kriwet's books

As early as the 60’s, Ferdinand Kriwet used language as a basic resource for his works, in what appears to be an attempt to extend concrete poetry beyond its traditional borders (along with Ian Hamilton Finlay, Isidore Isou or Hansjorg Mayer, Kriwet contributed to “Between Poetry and Painting”, a seminal show curated by Jasia Reichardt in 1965).

As many other examples of visual poetry, Kriwet artist’s books remained under the radar for some time. Fortunately, “Stars” recently gathered some attention. It is now time to re-discover some other books of his bibliography, such as “Apollo Amerika” (1969) or “Com.Mix” (1972). Along with “Stars”, they rely on a skillful play on newspaper material, advertising culture, street signs, whatever Kriwet could use as a basis for new writing experiments. “Apollo Amerika” reads like a long visual poem on mankind’s first foot on the moon, whereas “Com.Mix” appears as a broader manifesto, including Kriwet’s circular signs, which can be viewed as contemporary mandalas.

Com. Mix :

Apollo Amerika :


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