Claude Closky, "Blackywall by Sihab Baik"

RRose Editions have released their third publication, "Blackywall by Sihab Baik", an artist’s book by Claude Closky that could appear at first glance as a (twisted) monograph. The book’s 200 spreads appear to show images of Closky’s works. However, the attention is raised by the titles and the sub-texts, which immediately convey a feeling of non-sense. References are made to Claude Monet, Claude Debussy, Christian Dior, Rasputin, Sean Connery, Harley-Davidson or the San Francisco Giants...

RRose Editions & Sean Raspet

Art+Paper website was relatively quiet these past weeks, as we were focused on the coming launch of RRose Editions second publication: Sean Raspet, "New Structures: Azomethine Variations". The artist's book will be featured at Offprint London, inside Tate Modern's Turbine Hall, from May 22 to May 25.

Art+Paper on Instagram !

Social media are everywhere. The Art+Paper experience is now being enriched through its newly created Instagram account : @artpluspaper

Clement Valla's "Samples from Seed Drawing 51" official launch

Clement Valla's artist book, and RRose Editions first publication, will be officially launched during the next Offprint fair in Paris, Nov 14 - Nov 16. It is already available at selected art bookstores, such as Printed Matter in NY, and Yvon Lambert and soon Florence Loewy in Paris.

Announcing the launch of RRose Editions !

After years of collecting artists’ books, I couldn’t resist creating a publishing house: RRose Editions. As I write these lines, the first book is under press (Samples from Seed Drawing 51, by Clement Valla), and the website under construction. This first title is co-published with XPO Gallery, printed on Risograph, 250 numbered copies. With some luck, I will bring a few copies to the NY Art Book Fair. More news to follow..


A Focus on Richard Kostelanetz's Assembling

« Assembling » started with a very simple yet powerful : between 1970 and 1982, Assembling Press published an art and literature material that would have been « otherwise unpublishable », without editing its own content. As stated on Richard Kostelanetz website, « instead of selecting from submissions presented to it, Richard Kostelanetz (and, at various times, Henry James Korn, Mike Metz, Scott Helmes, and David Cole) invited potential contributors to submit a thousand copies of whatever they wanted to include, and these feasty festivals of visual and verbal waywardness were alphabetically assembled into 8 1/2″by 11″books.

A Focus on Harold Ancart's Tomorrow

Harold Ancart’s Tomorrow is a calendar, though not the regular kind of calendar, as it is dated for the year 3000 (hence the title, a far distant “tomorrow”). Most probably, we will never have to use it. So the fact that we can already enjoy it has more to do with “futuristic nostalgia”. In this distant future, images of paradise beaches are altered, damaged by burning marks. There are many ways of interpreting it, one of them being that in year 3000, natural beauty won’t exist anymore. Tomorrow’s inhabitant will rely on antique postcards for their calendars. Actually, that’s just one way of reading a book with multiple entries, that have to do with stereotypes and distorted representations.

Art+Paper on Tumblr !

In 2013 - quite late in the History of Internet... - I am discovering the potentialities of blogging. Art+Paper is now going in parallel on Tumblr  (htpp:// The more than 500 books that have been featured on this website will progressively be blogged on the Tumblr companion. Hopefully, following new posts will thus be easier.

A Focus on Jaroslaw Kozlowski's Reality

Not much can be found on the Internet about Jaroslaw Kozlowski. The most significant source of information is a Polish website,, on which the following description is made of Kozlowski’s work : “As one of the most outstanding contemporary Polish artists, long affiliated with the conceptual movement, Kozłowski has been exhibiting since 1967. His work consists chiefly of installations that incorporate media such as drawing, light, sound, photography and objects. He is also an author of art books, as well as working in photography, drawing, painting and performance pieces. Kozłowski's rich and multifaceted work has its roots in conceptualism.

Who said artists' books are expensive ?

I am sometimes told that collecting artists’ books is a luxury hobby. It is true that some “trophy” books have seen their value rise considerably. However, it is still possible to find and buy great artists’ books at a (very) reasonable price. For instance, Walther Konig is selling its remaining stock of Paul McCarthy’s Yaa-hoo at 19.95 Eur, quite a nice price for what could be seen as one of McCarthy’s best books. More broadly, discount bookstores are not to be neglected. At Mona Lisait, in Paris, I have bought some years ago Paul Graham’s In Umbra Res for the price of a tee-shirt, and Doug Aitken’s Alpha for 1 or 2 Eur (approx the price of a French "baguette").